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HTML5 or Silverlight – does it matter?

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At Reimagine 2015, Microsoft showed off the HTML5 web client that will be introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. What does this mean? Microsoft is moving away from Silverlight and towards HTML5 technology in Dynamics GP.

This means that users will be able to access the Microsoft Dynamics GP deployment anywhere, at anytime and on any device. Windows 10 will provide cross platform support for multiple devices. With HTML5, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be deployed on both desktop and mobile devices and content will be more accessible to GP users. It doesn’t matter if you are browsing on your desktop computer, on your laptop or your mobile device. HTML5 will also reduce the cost of development as both web sites and web applications use the same technology.

HTML5 Web Client Highlights

HTML5 or Silverlight - BDO Insights

Architecture changes for HTML web client

  • No sanScriptchanges
  • No messaging changes
  • New serializerto support JSON format
  • Client side components written in HTML/JS
  • New HTML/JS controls that represent Dexcontrols

Report Writer

  • Report Writer tool cannot be accessed in the web client
  • Customizations made in the desktop client can be used in the web client
  • Copy the reports dictionary to the web client runtime folder
  • Modified/Alternate reports are available to be printed

With HTML5, Microsoft is not going to forget third parties, which are crucial in the Dynamics GP world. With the trend towards Cloud deployment, are we expecting to see a fully web deployed Dynamics GP product? As Microsoft brings HTTPS support to Management Reporter, it looks very promising. Let’s stay tuned.

Patrick Xie
GP Consultant, BDO Solutions


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