Improve your internal services with Microsoft Dynamics AX Employee Services using Enterprise Portal

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Internal employee services have come a long way in recent years as companies strive to provide their employees with better employment information and improved efficiencies in personal requests and timesheet management. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 puts these features into an integrated web-accessible solution called, Employee Services built within the Enterprise Portal framework.

Microsoft Dynamics AX - Employee Services

About Employee Services

Employee Services is a feature-rich employee tool that allows staff within an organization to handle the many personal details that are involved in their employment that are outside of their day-to-day job duties. From a single webpage, employees have access to a multitude of self-service tasks, with all data integrated and driven from Microsoft Dynamics AX.

From Microsoft Dynamics AX Employee Services users can:

  • View and maintain their personal contact and address information.
  • View their current job details and required skills and responsibilities.
  • Apply for available jobs across the organization.
  • Create expense reports, travel requisitions and purchase requisitions.
  • Enter absence requests and timesheet details.
  • View pay statements and benefit enrolments.
  • Review performance goals and career discussion notes.
  • View a list of loaned equipment.
  • Register for training courses.
  • View the organization directory.
  • Complete corporate questionnaires.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX Employee Services

Employee Services is found within Enterprise Portal; “a web-based application framework that allows for users to interact with data in Microsoft Dynamics AX through a web browser.”

This provides companies with the following benefits in making use of Employee Services:

  • Microsoft SharePoint technology acts as the foundation for Enterprise Portal, making it possible for organizations to add and modify existing content through the use of web parts and web pages in combination with the use of data resources, logic, navigation and security from the Application Object Tree (AOT). Companies can customize and/or extend Employee Services to include additional services that are unique to their organization.
  • If your company has an existing Intranet, the web-based Employee Services URL link can easily link up to your existing site providing a comprehensive Intranet home for your company’s internal services.
  • Employee Services within Enterprise Portal provides other key benefits in terms of licensing and user accessibility – particularly in the case of those users who do not require the ERP software in their regular job duties (for example, labourers):
    • Users that do not require any Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality except for Employee Services can be provided a lower spectrum Self Service Client Access License (CAL) to reduce the cost of ownership of the ERP software.
    • Users that require access to Employee Services only need a computer with a web browser rather than needing access to Microsoft Dynamics AX client software.

Employee Services offer an organization a comprehensive internal services package via a web-based platform. For those companies not already using an Intranet site, Employee Services can act as your starting point to growing an information-rich internal site for your employees. For those companies with an existing Intranet site, Employee Services can easily be linked to your site to offer additional services that interact with your Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation. Either way, you will find Employee Services a great tool for your employees to get to the information they need through tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Ann Fry
Manager, BDO Solutions

Ann has been providing ERP software insight to manufacturing and mining communities for over nine years. 


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