Jet Express for Excel vs Jet Professional: Should You Upgrade? Part 2 – General Ledger Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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NOTE: The General Ledger (GL) function in Jet Express for Microsoft Dynamics GP works differently than in Jet Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The Microsoft Dynamics GP functionality will be covered in a future article.

Jet Express for Excel users should be familiar with the GL function. This function is exclusively used for financial reporting because it only returns GL data. For example, the GL function returns a balance amount, budget amount, or a credit/debit amount for a single or multiple GL account(s).

There is no difference between the GL function in Jet Express for Excel and Jet Professional. However, combining a GL function with an NL function makes GL reporting much more dynamic and flexible for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

NL functions are available in Jet Express in a limited form, and can only be used in conjunction with Table Builder to make edits to the Table formulas. This is useful for advanced Jet Reports users; those new to Jet Reports would rarely use this feature.

In Jet Professional, the NL function has many more options and makes your reporting more powerful. The NL function in Jet Professional boasts many great features, but I’d like to highlight how to use this function in conjunction with the GL function: the Row Replicator.

NL Rows Function in Jet Professional

The NL Rows function allows you to dynamically create a list each time you run a report. This is helpful because your Chart of Accounts may change over time. If you add a GL account using the GL function alone, you would need to edit the formulas in every financial statement that reflect the new amount, then you’d need to verify that all of your totals still add up correctly.

With access to NL Rows in Jet Professional, the formula will return the list of GL accounts in the required range. There is no need to make manual changes to your report; your reports will automatically generate a new row with each GL Account. The GL function refers to the account in each row.

Upgrading to Jet Professional offers you dynamic reports that will always show up-to-date information from your ERP. Without this additional functionality, you will need to manually maintain all of your Jet Reports.


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