Keep your Options open: Software Decision Making

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We have all heard about software implementations that have gone bad.  No software is immune from the risk of an implementation gone wrong – sometimes it can be from a lack of business support from the client, other times it can be from a lack of experience from the implementation partner and sometimes it can be from making a poor choice of software in the first place.

 In order to make a good decision on the software side, you need to first take an objective and critical look at the key business objectives that the solution is going to support going forward.  If you do not understand, or are unable to communicate, your objectives and skip straight to meeting with software providers, you may be going down a very dangerous path. 

Having options as a client is always a good thing, and having access to providers who understand both business and technology options available to you can be a tremendous advantage.  As the saying goes, “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.  This also applies to the software world, where single product focused organizations often try to force their solutions to fit into business requirements the software is not intended to address.

 Take some time to understand your business requirements and make sure you understand the options available to you from your Partner.

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