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With the release of Key2Act Signature 2016 R2 for Microsoft Dynamics GP, the Job Maintenance window has two extra fields:

  1. Bill To Customer and
  2. Bill To Address


The Bill To Customer field will default to the customer assigned to the job but can be changed to a different customer. The Bill To Address field will default to the Bill to Address defined in the Customer Maintenance Bill To Address field. The Job Customer determines the tax schedule for the job, not the Bill To Customer.

With this new feature, third-party billing can be done very easily.

Other windows/reports updated with Bill To Customer/Bill To Address fields are:

  1. Job invoice entry window
  2. Transfer service costs to job window
  3. Job Maintenance History window
  4. Dexterity Job invoices including unposted, batch, posted, and history invoices
  5. JC Job report
  6. JC Job History report

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