Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Tip! Automatically emailing documents to Customers and Vendors

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A frequently asked question when we’re implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX is how to email documents to customers and vendors from within the application.

To email a document to a Customer or Vendor as a one-off is straightforward – if I want to email a Purchase Order Confirmation, I click Printer Setup, choose Print Destination E-mail, manually enter the email address, and click OK.  Easy enough, but the email address doesn’t default, and I have to email documents one at a time.

What if I want to set up the email address in advance so I don’t need to enter it every time, or if I want to send out confirmations for multiple orders at the same time (perhaps in batch)? The solution is Print Management.

Print Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX is a very powerful feature. It can be used to set up default printing preferences for a Customer or Vendor. Each Customer and Vendor can have their own predefined destination, number of copies, footer text and even custom developed format for all documents.

Here are the steps to set up a Vendor so that their Purchase Order Confirmations can be automatically emailed – this can be applied to any Customer or Vendor document. My example is based on AX 2012 forms, but the same functionality is also available in AX 2009.

Step 1 – In the Vendors form, go to the General tab and click Print Management in the Setup section. The Print Management Setup window will appear.

Step 2 – In the Print Management Setup window, expand the document you want to set up by clicking the + symbol, right click on the Original (Default) and choose Override:


Step 3 – In the Print Management Setup detail window, click the right arrow at the end of the Destination field and choose Printer setup:


Step 4 – In the Print destination settings window Choose E-mail in the left section, and enter the Vendor’s email address and an E-mail subject in the right section:


Step 5 – Time to test! In the Confirm Purchase order window check the Use print management destination checkbox:


Step 6 – When I click OK I get the following Infolog messages (one message per email being sent):


Step 7 – And the emails are sent!


By David Linton, Solutions Senior Manager at BDO Canada LLP who has been working with Microsoft Dynamics AX for 6 years.

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