Microsoft Dynamics AX 7: Mobility and Business Insight

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As a member of our ERP software implementation team, am I excited to see Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 in action? You bet!

Microsoft’s focus for Dynamics AX 7 (previously referred to as codename ‘Rainier’) is on improving the way we do business. The updates in this next release enforce concepts of mobility and easier, more intelligent access to data.

Access the AX client, anytime, anywhere

AX 2012 provided two client user interfaces – the desktop client, with full access to the application via a Windows based PC, and the Enterprise Portal, which provided a limited set of Microsoft Dynamics AX forms but improved accessibility via an internet browser.

AX 7 rolls everything into a single internet browser-based client. This positively impacts Dynamics AX development teams who can now focus on a single platform, and Dynamics AX users who can now enjoy the flexibility of accessing the full application from their preferred device. Another added benefit – say goodbye to Terminal Server to share Dynamics AX over a WAN; a common occurrence with Dynamics AX 2012. In AX 7 the use of standard web interfaces will provide access to all remote network users.

Improved Financial Reporting – and a new era for Management Reporter

Emphasis has been placed on improving access to data in Financial Management in this new release. This includes key changes to Management Reporter which is renamed Financial Reporting in AX 7. Here is a snapshot of just some of the ways Microsoft will improve access to financial data in AX 7:

  • Ability to export account structures to Microsoft Excel for easier filtering.
  • Addition of FactBoxes to Key Forms for easy viewing access to related data – in particular Account structures.
  • View Financial Reporting (Management Reporter) reports from within the AX 7 client.
  • Introduction of filter capability while viewing Financial Reporting No more need to change the design of a report to access a different view.
  • Improved access to budget information through new reporting tools that combine budget maintenance and monitoring in a single tool. In addition, an unlimited number of budget plan and forecast layouts are available that can be switched on the fly or instantly exported to Microsoft Excel.

Improved Connectivity to Power BI

AX 7 will also offer improved connectivity to web-based Power BI – a tool that allows you to transform data to gain business insight. With a new version just released on July 24, 2015, Microsoft brought together input from over a half million unique users from 45,000 companies, spanning 185 countries, that took part in working with the Power BI Preview. Power BI can connect to a wide-range of data sources allowing Dynamics AX data to be mashed up with other data sources to accommodate an unlimited array of unique reporting requirements.

Microsoft calls the latest Power BI the biggest release to-date, which includes loads of new features and improvements. Check out the Power BI blog for the complete enhancement list.


So, with mobility and business insight as the key ingredients to Microsoft Dynamics AX 7, the answer to ‘are we excited?’ is a resounding YES! Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 is scheduled for release at the end of 2015, and we can’t wait!

Ann Fry
Manager, BDO Solutions

Ann has been providing ERP software insight to manufacturing and mining communities for over nine years. 

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Download the Microsoft Dynamics AX Statement of Direction



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