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Managing your AX Notification List

The Notification List form is where you can see all the alerts and messages that are directed to your Microsoft Dynamics AX user account. Notifications in this list are generated through Workflow notifications and Alert rule notifications as a means of informing of events that take place in the system, or events that you must take part in (for example Approval or Review of a document). In addition, notifications are often used to relay the status of Batch jobs to advise when a batch job ends, is canceled or completed with errors.

Here are some tips in using and managing your Notification List:

How am I notified of a Microsoft Dynamics AX system event?

As a specific system event occurs, if it is marked for your attention the system will send out a notification to your user account. Microsoft Dynamics AX can signal this event using four methods:

  1. A pop-up message that will appear in the lower right corner of your screen.
  2. A Status Bar notification as illustrated below. Note the Notifications icon .


  1. An e-mail message may also be sent to notify of a Dynamics AX event. E-mail notifications are optional in both setup of Workflows and Alert rules and must be specifically configured to be triggered.
  2. An entry in the Notification List.



How do I access the Notification List?an4

There are multiple ways to view your notification list, but the easiest is to simply click the Notifications icon  on your task bar.

Another method would be to go to:  File > View > Notifications











How do I manage my Notification List?

Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically manages some entries from your Notifications list, for example, after you Approve an item, the notification will be automatically removed from your list. However, often times there is more organization that is required when managing your Notification list.


  1. Personalization & Sorting/Filtering of the Notification Grid

The grid on the Notification list form is similar to most grids in Dynamics AX.  It has the following characteristics:

  • Ability to sort by all text-based fields by clicking on the column header.
  • Ability to Filter by Grid by pressing CTRL+G on your keyboard.
  • Ability to reorder columns by dragging on the column header as required.
  • Ability to personalize the grid, by right-clicking on the grid column header bar.
  1. Notification Details

Notification details can be viewed from the General tab of the Notification List window. Select a Notification item from the list, and navigate to the General tab to see the additional details.  Details will include messages sent with the notification, company reference, source and dates.


  1. Navigating to the Source Record

In most cases, a notification will prompt you to navigate to view or action a particular record in Dynamics AX. To get to the source record quickly, click GO TO ORIGIN from the menu bar.

  1. Changing Status of Notifications
    Notifications can either be READ or UNREAD. Dynamics AX will automatically update a notification’s status to READ after viewing. You can also modify the status by selecting a record or group of records and clicking CHANGE STATUS on the menu bar and selecting the applicable option.
  1. Deleting Notifications

As mentioned, certain notification will be automatically cleaned up by Dynamics AX, but others may begin cluttering your notification list. To remove unwanted notifications,

  1. Select the notification(s) for deletion.
  2. Navigate to File > Delete Record or press ALT+F9 on your keyboard.
  3. To quickly delete all notifications select them all using CTRL+A then ALT+F9.

The notification list is a frequently used tool by all Microsoft Dynamics AX users. This brief introduction will help you to get quickly familiar with its functionality. For more Microsoft Dynamics AX quick reference instructions, keep visiting our blog.

In addition, our Microsoft Dynamics AX team offers a wide-range of corporate training solutions for your staff. Contact our Microsoft Dynamics AX team for details.

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