Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is coming and we can’t wait!

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I was very excited about some of the features that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 recently introduced. I was shocked that I could get even more excited about what Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is about to bring in their upcoming release! Microsoft recently announced that they will be releasing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 in Q4 of this calendar year.  This is their most comprehensive CRM release and a milestone in the company’s efforts to reinvent productivity.   Here’s just a taste of what’s to come.


In Dynamics CRM 2015 they took my absolute favorite software, OneNote, and put it right into CRM. But now, with CRM 2016, they’ve taken the next tool that I use daily, OneDrive, and managed to tie it in as well! After bringing out the new OneDrive features earlier this year (synchronizing shared folders to your desktop), they have made this a go-to business tool that’s more user friendly than SharePoint.

Mobile Access

There used to be so many third party applications allowing you some base functionality in CRM 2011, next they built in some functionality with CRM 2013. Well, CRM 2015 just blew it out of the water….and now, 2016 is allowing you to live “mobily” (I think I just invented a word.) Who needs a laptop or desktop these days, we’ve all got mobile phones (you’re never going to see your sales guys again with everything they can do!)

Delve Functionality

Immersive Excel experience – those were new words to us when CRM 2015 came out, and like any good data geek, I loved it. We definitely knew there was more that could be done, as consultants – but hold your horses, CRM 2016 has expanded this by leveraging Office Graph to help out Sales people with their presentations. Now we have data geek and sales person data analysis!

Cortana Analytics

Oh, I have to mention Cortana – a story for you here – my teenager came home yesterday talking about the new phone she wants to get and the voice functionality that she thinks is amazing – Cortana!  Cortana has EVEN MORE functionality (especially if you’re into CRM). Not only is she there on your Windows 10 laptop/desktop, but she’s taking your desktop onto your mobile device, helping you with your Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, all of it – not just your appointments and scheduling. Plus, Microsoft is leveraging Cortana Analytics Suite so you can tell her what analysis you want to do using normal human speaking language. She’s no longer just a pretty voice.

So let’s tie it all together –

  • I can use online Microsoft 365, or if my organization is larger, I can use Azure to create a fully integrated CRM/ERP world that goes from marketing and lead generation to financials and bank reconciliations.
  • Within that integrated world, I have full Excel analytics for sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Sales can then be using Office Graph for their presentations on the road, and update their OneNote files for their clients within their device.
  • I also have full business processes laid out for the sales person’s next steps. As the deal closes, my business process is laid out and the implementation or delivery of services/products and moved along (even before the sales person returns to the office.)
  • Customer Service reps can be out on the road updating cases through their mobile phones after leaving the customer site.
  • Cortana can be informing any of the users of their upcoming appointments and guiding them to the next steps in their process related to that opportunity or case.
  • And the Executives are asking Cortana for their analytics and looking at their data in real time, as it gets updated by their remote employees.
  • All this information can be integrated at the right places to my ERP system, completely eliminating all of my data entry (fat finger) issues, keeping accurate financials.

The perfect world of CRMing (another new word) is coming – and it’s tied up Office 365 and Dynamics CRM online into a bundle of amazing functionality – and we can’t wait!

Tara Sinclair
Consultant, BDO Solutions



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Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Release Preview Guide
Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Release Preview Guide


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