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How to Rename User Defined Fields on Customer Address in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Do you require additional user defined fields to track pertinent information about your customers?. In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 you now have the ability to change the user defined labels on the Customer Address Maintenance window.

It’s quite simple  – just proceed to the Receivables Setup Options window.

GP2013 User Defined Fields


Benefits of Customer Address User-Defined 1 & 2:

You can enter a name for this field to display information to track in Receivables Management that isn’t included in the Customer Address Maintenance window already. This field isn’t used as a standard sorting method but you can use Report Writer to create a sorting method including the User-defined 1 field. These fields can be very helpful to track additional information about the customer and provides a better understanding of the type of information.

These user defined fields can be used added in Smartlist.

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