Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 Enhancements : SmartList Designer

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 as I mentioned in prior blogs has some great new enhancements. Today I want to focus on an enhancement that will answer this question from GP users –“Why can’t we get a simple way to change our SmartList reports?”

Well, in Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2, Microsoft has released the SmartList Designer.

What does it do? SmartList Designer allows you to create queries based on table definitions found in Microsoft Dynamics GP and any third party application. You can create a new SmartList or to create a new SmartList based on an existing SmartList. You also can modify the SmartList that you created using SmartList Designer.

How does it work? When you open SmartList Designer, one window pops up. In this window, you can:

  • select SQL tables
  • select view to generate a query
  • create table relationships
  • create calculated fields
  • filter a query
  • choose quick view to see what the results will be.

How is this tool different or similar to SmartList Builder?

The similarities are obvious: they both allow you to create SmartLists from scratch based on any Dexterity dictionary table definition using a very intuitive user interface. SmartList Designer however, goes a bit further and allows you to preview the data without even releasing the new list into production. If nothing else was provided, this would be the one feature to be happy with. SmartList Designer also allows you to build SmartLists based on other SmartLists, a feature currently not available in SmartList Builder.

How do you get to it? Open up a SmartList – see Fig 1 – and choose a SmartList report. When the report is open, choose NEW. The Designer window – see Fig 2 – pops open, and you create the SmartList that helps you work smarter.

Figure 1


Figure 2

You can get more information on using this great product from Chapter 26 in the newest release of the System User’s Guide

SmartList Designer is just one of the many great enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2. To find out more about other enhancements tune in next time.

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