Microsoft Dynamics GP: How to Find Missing Job Cost Division Accounts in SmartList

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Recently, a customer wanted to close job costs as part of the year-end process. They were unable to open the KEY2ACT Close Jobs window, in Microsoft Dynamics GP because the job cost divisions no longer had GL accounts assigned to the cost categories.

This can happen when:

  • New divisions are added manually and GL accounts are not assigned. The new division was not copied from an existing division.
  • Inactive and unused GL accounts are deleted from the financial module and these accounts were used within job cost.

This is the typical message shown when there are missing division accounts on the division accounts window.

If there are only a handful of divisions setup then you can scroll through them to visually investigate the missing accounts. However, if your company has numerous divisions, it can be a larger challenge to locate the division with the missing accounts.

A simple way to find the affected divisions is through a SmartList. Generally, there is not an out-of-the-box SmartList for this. Creating a new SmartList (using SmartList Builder) to show the job cost division accounts is outlined below.

  1. Open SmartList and click the button to open SmartList Builder.

  1. Give the new SmartList an ID and Name. The system will suggest that the SmartList object be assigned it to the Wennsoft Products product group so that it appears in the Wennsoft Products section in SmartList, but you can assign it to the financial series if preferred.

  2. Now the relevant Microsoft Dynamics GP tables need to be added and linked.

Use the “+” button in the tables section to add Microsoft Dynamics GP tables.


First, add the JC_Division_SETP table from the WennSoft Productions product section and the 3rd Party Series. The key field will be identified by the system.

Once added, select the fields from the table. The Divisions field is the only criteria needed, as shown below.

For the second table, add the JC_Division_Accounts_SETP. Link to the JC_Division_SETP table (first table selected) using left outer link method, as shown below.


Add the link field using the + button.

Once added, select the fields to display from the table. The only fields needed are the Cost Element and the Account Index fields, as shown below.

Lastly, add the Account Index Master table. This table is added so the GL accounts can be seen in the SmartList. Use left outer linking.

Add the link field using the + button again.

Once the table is added, select the appropriate fields from the table. The Account Number String field is the only criteria needed, as shown below.

The new SmartList is now complete and needs to be saved. Use the SAVE button to save and exit SmartList Builder.

  1. The resulting SmartList will appear as shown below. It will display a blank value in Account Number String for missing division account number(s) in the Job Cost Setup.

SmartList favourites can be added and linked to reminders.

Now that the trouble divisions have been identified you can make the account updates through the division accounts setup.

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