Microsoft Dynamics GP: Setting up a Workflow for Financial Batch Approval

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Administration > Setup > Company > Workflow > Workflow Maintenance

Select Financial in the drop down (Figure 1).


Click on the New Workflow icon in the top pane (Figure 2).


A new workflow is created.  Enter the Workflow Name and the description for your reference. Save the workflow by clicking on the Save Workflow icon in the top pane (Figure 3).


Select the fitting options and the rules when the task is overdue and click Save Workflow (Figure 4).



Add new steps to the workflow (Figure 5).


Enter a Step Name and a Batch Description and then save the step (Figure 6).


Enter your Conditions (Figure 7).


If required, the user can add a Conditon, then select the 2nd option in the Conditons. Afterwords, click the blue arrow beside the box to enter the Condition. Once the Condition is set up, click the Save Step icon (Figures 8 & 9).


The final step would be to initiate your workflow. To do that, check the Active box beside the Workflow Name (Figure 10).


You can make changes or edit the steps at any time to fit your company requirements. Make sure you think through your workflow processes before setting them up.  You can delete or copy a workflow/steps by right clicking your mouse.

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