Microsoft Dynamics GP: Solving painful SmartList Exports

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Recently, we had a customer who was moving their GP 10.0 deployment to a hosted data centre. Everything went well and the testing proved successful except exporting to excel from SmartList. The performance for some reason dramatically decreased. It was not great to begin with so increasing the time to export to excel was not an option for the client. This was a potential show stopper because if we couldn’t at least get the performance back to what it was then they were considering moving back to on-premise.

In my research to find a solution, I found this undocumented feature of SmartList that has existed since version 10.0 and after testing, continues to work in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. It is a simple dex.ini switch.

The results of my testing were impressive. I tested using the accounts transactions SmartList. I changed the maximum records to 100,000. While exporting to excel without the dex.ini switch it took 33 minutes and 55 seconds. With the dex.ini switch it took 1 minute and 21 seconds. Wow!

This is not new and has been posted on other blogs before. Why doesn’t anyone know about this? Why isn’t it part of the out-of-the-box functionality? I am not sure. Some other blogs suggest that it was not tested fully and we possibly may lose formatting. I have not seen this on the testing I have done. As an undocumented feature, this also means it is unsupported. If for whatever reason it is not working correctly, you will have to remove the switch and go back to the old method.

SmartList Dex.ini switch

Open the DEX.INI file with Notepad. The DEX.INI file is located in the Data folder in your Dynamics GP directory. Add this line SmartlistEnhancedExcelExport=TRUE at the end of the file and save the file. With GP2010 I did not have to log out of GP for this to take effect. It worked on my next export to excel. I didn’t even close SmartList.

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