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Microsoft Dynamics GP offers users a number of different ways to navigate to specific windows, however, there is not a search functionality to find a specific window using its full or partial name.

The Mentor tool from Rockton Software’s Dynamics GP Toolbox, provides this search functionality.

Mentor can find any parent or child window, based on full or partial name of the window. Once a user enters in a portion of the name of the window, the tool can search all possible windows with that search criteria.  The user can then select the required window from the list generated by the search.

Up to 10 different words or combinations of words can be used as search criteria. Using the “+” or “-“ sign in front of your search terms helps ensure Mentor can find or ignore the words in the search criteria. It allows the use of quotes in order to find a phrase or group of words.

A user can search windows that:

  1. Do not have navigation, like a child window
  2. The user does not have security privileges to access

Searched windows have different identifiers as noted below:

  1. Green – the user can open
  2. Red – the user cannot open the window due to security privileges
  3. Right arrow – child window

In addition to the search function, Mentor helps:

  1. Create custom reports, smart lists and extender windows.
  2. The administrator grant permission without knowing specific roles and tasks (Figures 1 & 2).


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