Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – Emailing from the Payment Journal

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One highly sought-after feature many clients ask about in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ability to email from the payment journal.

To set up this feature for your installation of NAV, please follow the steps below:

Departments > Administration > IT Administration Services

SMTP Mail Setup

Once you have that set up, you can test your connection and make sure that no adjustments are required.

Once complete, you will need to set up a Document Sending Profile. I use the Defaults, but you can adjust the settings here (Figure 2).

Documents > Administration > Application Setup > General > Document Sending Profiles


The last step will be to set up the Vendor.

Documents > Financial Management > Payables > Vendors

Open the Vendor Card that you want to set up for emailing the remittance advice from the payment journal.

Go to the Navigate tab in the Ribbon and click on Document Layouts (Figure 3).


In the Usage column, select Vendor Remittance from the drop down menu. Use Report ID 11383 and enter the intended recipient’s email address (Figure 4).


Let’s go back to Administration, there is one last setting that is important to look over.

Documents > Administration > IT Administration > Reports

Choose Report Selection – Purchase from the Usage drop down menu and select Vendor Remittance. This Report ID MUST match the report you used in the Vendor Document Layout (we used Report 11383). If it is blank or different, make the change here (Figure 5).


All of this is assuming that your Bank Account transfer tab is filled in with all the applicable values and the Vendor has a valid Bank Account Card with the “Use for Electronic Payments” flagged.

Populate the payment journal as you normally would, but on Export of the payment file, change the Output Method to Email. Any vendors with a Document Sending Profile will be emailed the Remittance Advice.

The only snag, of course, would be if the Export needed to be voided. You would have to manually notify the affected vendors to ignore the initial email and send a new email with the corrections (Figure 6).

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