Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Beginners | Part 11: Document Number Formulas in Recurring Entries

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In recurring entries in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you typically will not receive an invoice number. In order to keep track of your entries, you can enter a formula to create a document number for each posted entry. The number will automatically update when the transaction is posted.

Usually the “No. Series” field is left blank on the Journal Template pages and the General Journal Batches page for recurring journals.

If you want to use the formula as the posted number on the ledger entries, simply make sure to leave the “Posting No. Series” blank.

To form a number series, combine simple text with the following text codes:

  • %1 – The current day number
  • %2 – The current week number
  • %3 – The current month number
  • %4 – The current month name
  • %5 – The current accounting period name

For example, if the entry’s document number is R (rent) + current month, enter R%3 in the field. Or for your cleaning invoices you could enter 2014Cleaning%3.

The “Document No.” field supports up to 20 alphanumeric characters.

You are now ready to begin working in Microsoft Dynamics NAV! For more of our Beginners’ Guide to NAV series, click here.

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