Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Beginners | Part 7: Reversing a Journal Entry

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If you’ve made an error in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV journal entry, don’t panic. Reversing or correcting journal entry lines is simple. When an incorrect general journal is posted, the ledger entries can be reversed in the corresponding registers. Before you start, there are a few rules to note:

  • The Journal Batch Name field must not be blank in the G/L Register.
  • Customer Ledger Entries must not be applied.
  • Vendor Ledger Entries must not be applied.
  • Bank Ledger Entries must not be closed by reconciliation.
  • The total amount of the G/L Entries must equal zero.
  • The entry must not include any Item Ledger Entries.
  • The Ledger Entries cannot be created by a reversal.

After you reverse the entries, you can then post them in the same register.

To reverse posted ledger entries from a register, follow these simple steps:

1. On the navigation pane, click Departments.

2. Click Financial Management, then click General Ledger, and then click G/L Registers.

3. Locate and select the register to be reversed.

4. On the Home tab, click Reverse Register.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Beginners Part 7 Reversing a Journal Entry

5. On the Reverse Register Entries page, click Reverse on the Actions tab.

6. Click Yes to reverse the entries.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Beginners Part 7 Reversing a Journal Entry 2

7. Click OK to the message that the entries are reversed.Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Beginners Part 7 Reversing a Journal Entry 3

8. Move to the last entry on the G/L Registers page to review the fields on the reversing entry:

  • The Source Code is Reversal.
  • The Creation Date is the system date.
  • The Posting Date is the original posting date of the entry.

Posted ledger entries cannot be changed or deleted. However, you can correct the incorrect entries by posting one or more corrective entries using the general journal. When you are correcting entries, selecting the Correction check box affects the way entries are posted.

For more information, please contact your BDO Client Manager or Florence Singh and visit BDO Solutions. For more of our Beginners’ Guide to NAV series, click here.

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