Microsoft Dynamics NAV Undergoes P90X® Transformation

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Chances are, you’ve probably heard of the P90X® workout. For the uninitiated, P90X® is an intense workout program that promises to get you in the best shape of your life in just 90 days. Yes, that would be only 90 days to make a complete transformation. As short (or as long – depending if you view the glass as half empty or half full) as that may sound, many participants swear by it. You may ask yourself what P90X® has in common with Microsoft Dynamics NAV? It’s simple: it all starts with a blank slate!

A Microsoft Dynamics Transformation in 90 Days

We were recently commissioned to build an integration that involved moving several parts from one system to another. We had a lot on our plate and had to respect many compliance rules. This was not an easy task. Not only were we tasked with integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV into an existing system but we also had to have it scrutinized and certified.

As with most development, it all begins with a brand new “object”. A new object starts with a cursor blinking several times on a white, empty background asking you “What’s next?”. An object, for those unfamiliar with the term, is the vital component to store the definition of your database. It maps a specific business process, enhances and shows the layout of the screens as a page, and/or creates a service point for different applications to integrate.

Plenty of effort goes into “designing for growth”, i.e. Where should we code for it? Is it reusable and scalable? Is it part of a repeatable process? Normalizing data, growth, and user interactions are just some of the guidelines we leverage to guide an object through the design process.

In all, it took less than only 90 days to build, test, and deliver a fully compliant Microsoft Dynamics NAV application for one of our clients. It was worth all the sweat and hard work to see the final transformation!

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