New Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV! How to: Correct or Cancel Unpaid Invoices

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After having a client ask me for more information about this functionality they found in the help menu, I decided to dig a little deeper and found this easy “How To” for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users. This looks like a great new addition to Dynamics NAV, as well as something end users have been asking for year after year.


However, you will only find this functionality in the new “Small Business” Role Center. You will not find these buttons on the posted sales invoice screen with any other role center.

As you can see in the description above, Cancel does not “reverse” the posted sales invoice. It basically automates the manual process of using copy document to reverse a posted invoice with a credit memo.


The sales invoice in the “Small Business Role Center” does have some limitations. It only uses a line type of “Item”. This also prevents a developer from easily adding these buttons to additional pages with other role centers; any line items with other line types i.e. “G/L Account” will cause an error.


This is a great new addition to NAV and hopefully when Microsoft gets some feedback on this new functionality they will add it to all Role Centers to extend this new feature to the entire base product.

Melanie Semeniuk
Consultant, BDO Solutions

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