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On Premise or Cloud Technology, What is Right for your Business?

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Wondering how to make your budget, planning and forecasting processes more effective in 2015? Chances are you may need to look beyond spreadsheets to improve the repetitive process your Finance team takes on. For example:

  • Is your budgeting, consolidation and reporting exercises manual and spreadsheet based?
  • Are you experiencing a gap in process automation and integration into other supporting systems?
  • Is your ongoing planning and decision support processes time consuming, often requiring a number of iterations?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the points above, you’re not alone and may want to consider technology, specifically Corporate Performance Management (CPM) to help automate the input, consolidation and dissemination of your financial data.  If you’re considering a CPM solution to help augment your spreadsheet based processes chances are you’re evaluating both cloud and on-premise systems.

Below is a recent case study outlining how BDO consultants worked with Solium Capital’s finance leaders to provide a comprehensive understanding of how both cloud and on-premise based CPM solutions can impact their financial and operational processes. The case study outlines how BDO’s collaborative approach simplified the discovery process and presented Solium with information specific to its requirements and the potential that Adaptive Insights could bring to its ongoing and future success.

Download our Solium Capital Inc. Success Story
Download our Solium Capital Inc. Success Story





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