One ERP Fits All with Microsoft Dynamics AX for Mixed Mode Manufacturing

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Canadian manufacturers have learned that, in order to succeed in today’s global marketplace, they need to introduce unique product offerings to the market quickly and cost effectively. With the ever increasing demand for product development, the end result is often a combination of manufactured goods that span multiple modes of manufacturing, within a single environment. Anything from discrete production: Engineer to Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Make to Forecast (MTF), Assemble to Order (ATO), Make to Stock (MTS), Repetitive, Outside Processing; to Batch and Process Manufacturing. With this mixed mode manufacturing, the complexity of business processes increases, forcing manufacturers to adopt production strategies in the hopes of unifying the competing shop floor process flows.

This added complexity increases the demands on an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to bring these disparate modes together within a single environment. Unfortunately, many ERP systems have modules that need to be purchased separately in order to handle each mode of manufacturing. However, the Microsoft Dynamics AX licensing model provides all modules for one cost.  No need to worry about the extra expense for new software licenses when your production needs change – and chances are, even if you are not a mixed mode manufacturer today, you will be in the future.

Dynamics AX is the right ERP fit for mixed mode manufacturing allowing manufacturers to manage multiple production requirements simultaneously, including:

  • The planning and execution of various production strategies and supply policy mix regardless of how the supply chain is modeled.
  • The ability to optimize production forecasting and scheduling along with materials planning.
  • Resource consumption functionality allows the system to find the resources for manufacturing and, based on those resources, find the appropriate picking warehouse.
  • Assign bills of materials (BOMs) to tasks, work orders, or production processes.
  • Select the most efficient recipes, formulas, and mixing operations.

The mixed mode manufacturing capabilities in Dynamics AX allow manufacturers to increase flexibility in production planning and execution, gain valuable insight into business operations, increase responsiveness to customers’ needs, and cut production costs. The BDO Solutions team of manufacturing professionals has extensive experience in mixed mode manufacturing. We work with our clients to create an all-encompassing solution out of the complex demands prevalent to today’s manufacturer.

David Jenkins

David is a certified professional engineer with a background in Manufacturing Engineering. He has assisted hundreds of clients looking to streamline their business through enterprise resource planning software.


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