Part 2: Selecting a Customer Relationship Management Solution in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry

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Following on from my previous post on the first challenge for implementing a CRM Solution, this post explains a second reason why this can be a challenge in TMT businesses. 

Why does this industry sector have unique challenges?   Unlike selecting an ERP, the challenges are not so much about the functionality and features of the solution, but are more about the culture of a TMT business.   The second reason CRM implementations are delayed in TMT businesses are because TMT businesses often says…..We are a technology business, we can write our own solution!

This is a very common approach for TMT business.  You employ a whole team of developers and infrastructure experts.  You have seen their work and you know they can handle it.  There is great risk with this approach.  It would be common for this work to be done during the internal team’s spare time.  As soon as they get busy, the internal projects will all be put to the side in order to work on external projects that generate revenue.   This will extend the timeline for the project and ultimately increase the costs.  

Even if the team does ultimately complete the project and deliver the solution you are now reliant on the internal team for support and ongoing enhancements.  Unless you are prepared to dedicate a team to internal development you are better served to use a recognized solution that will be upgraded and supported as part of your annual enhancement.  

Another common issue with internal development is the work in normally done by just 1 or 2 people.  If they leave your organization you are left with a completely unsupportable solution.  Using industry recognized software protects you from this risk.

Many organizations in the TMT industry are already Microsoft partners which mean you have access to Microsoft Dynamics as part of your Partnership agreement.  Consider using this solution to minimize internal resources and overall costs. 

In summary, ERP and CRM selections are very different from each other in the TMT Space.  For ERP the main considerations are around getting the flexibility required for the business which still maintaining the structure required by the finance function.   For CRM, the risk is never getting the project off the ground because the organization believes they can use the ERP or can write their own solution.  For the most part, both of these options will present challenges that could prevent the CRM system from ever being deployed. 


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