Prophix 10 R3 New Feature Spotlight: Ad-Hoc Visualizations

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Another of Prophix 10 R3’s great new features is Ad-Hoc Visualizations.  Visualization – or the representation of data in a meaningful way – is at the heart of this feature improvement and extends the heavily used and loved Prophix Ad-Hoc analysis feature beyond just the numbers.  Newly enhanced Ad-Hoc visualizations allow users to view data in new ways in order to more easily spot trends and outliers, and make changes to affected data easily from within a single, easy to use, unified interface.

Prophix 10 R3 provides users with the ability to view interactive charts in Ad-Hoc Analysis. This includes three separate viewing options: Grid-Only, Chart-Only, or Grid-and-Chart. The charts are fully interactive and give users the ability to drill up and drill down on data and select members directly from the chart itself. When exported to Excel to share with colleagues, these charts become Excel chart objects.

Prophix CPM Ad Hoc chart sample


Additionally, a variety of mouse ‘hover’ options are available that further improve the functionality of the product. These improved visualizations make workflow far more efficient and enjoyable. The user is fully able to move seamlessly between formal reporting and Ad-Hoc Analysis within a single unified interface. No other CPM application offers Prophix 10 R3’s breadth of graphical tools and analytical capabilities.

Stay tuned over the upcoming weeks as we un-pack more valuable new features in Prophix 10 R3!

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