Prophix CPM – Simplify, Automate & Enhance your Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting & Analysis

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Prophix CPM is a fully integrated performance management solution that empowers organizations with budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, consolidations, personnel planning capabilities, capital planning, as well as, the flexibility to model just about anything in your organization.  This has allowed many organizations to dispose of the myriad Excel spreadsheets used in their planning processes, which has popularly become known as ‘Excel Hell’. 

Prophix CPM’s robust analysis functionality empowers end-user investigation with ad-hoc ‘drag and drop’ capabilities, automatic variance calculations and full drill-down to details on measures within the business model.

With Prophix CPM, your organizations’ key business drivers can drive the entire planning process, with operational business models linking to financial budgets and forecasts, allowing you to manage performance across your entire organization. 

Prophix CPM significantly reduces administration time by facilitating the automation and scheduling of administrative functions such as:

  • importing actual data
  • managing workflow and approvals
  • performing routine allocations and calculations
  • distributing Excel templates for offline end user contribution, and
  • distributing financial reports packages via email or Microsoft SharePoint.

Prophix CPM is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) agnostic meaning that it can be used with any ERP system including any Microsoft Dynamics ERP

For more information contact Les Wright at [email protected] and/or view the Prophix CPM Product Tour.

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