Quick Fix for Sub-grid Bug in the Dynamics CRM App

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Recently, while working on a client’s project, I was notified of a problem occurring with an embedded sub-grid on a form when the form was viewed on a tablet. Upon further investigation, it turned out the problem was with the View they were using for the sub-grid. The problem occurred on all platforms running the Microsoft Dynamics CRM App, and the solution/workaround explained here will work on all of them.

The View being used included columns from a related record, which were placed so they were within the first three columns of the View. When I removed them from the View, the sub-grid loaded correctly on the tablet.

I wondered if I could duplicate the problem, or if it was just a temporary glitch. So I added the fields back to the View but forgot to move them over, so they were the last two columns on the View (and there were more than three columns). To my surprise, the form loaded (including the embedded sub-grid) without any problems. When I moved the fields further towards the front, so they were within the first three columns, the sub-grid would no longer load in the App.

I then wondered if it was related to the particular CRM Organization, so I decided to try it on my own test Organization. In my CRM Organization I created a custom Entity, called Books. Then I created a field on Books for Author, which is a lookup to Contacts.

I added the Author’s telephone1 (Business Phone) field, to the Active Books View (this is the Default Public View).


I then added a sub-grid which uses this View, to the default Contact form as shown on the right side of the form under Books (Author).


As you can see below, I placed the Author’s telephone1 (Business Phone) field within the first four columns of the View.


Then I opened a Contact form in CRM for Tablets (or CRM for Windows 8). The Books sub-grid did not load, and looked like it was continually trying to load, as shown below.


Even though the embedded sub-grid does not load, in the related tabs, the Books sub-grid loads normally.


Then I moved the field to the fifth column of the Active Books View.


When I reopened the Contact form, the embedded sub-grid loaded as shown below.


And again, the tab loads correctly when the field from the related Entity is placed in the fifth column.


Basically, you may put fields from a related Entity in the sub-grid, but those fields must not be among those displaying in the embedded sub-grid on the form. In my client’s case, only the first three columns were displaying in the embedded sub-grid so the fields from the related Entity had to be placed no earlier than the fourth column. Whereas in my test Organization, the first four columns were being displayed so the field from the related Entity had to be placed in at least the fifth column.

So, if you are having a problem loading embedded sub-grids in one of the Dynamics CRM for Tablets Apps, check the View you are using and see if there are fields displayed from a related Entity among the first few columns. If there are, try moving them so that the tablet is not trying to load those fields to display, and that may resolve your issue.

Katherine Robinson
Consultant, Solutions


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