Quick Tip: Budget Import Exception Report in Dynamics GP

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A feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 that may help you with financial audits is a new report generated when there is incorrect information in the imported budget Excel file.

When importing a budget into Dynamics GP with a GL account that is not set up in the company, a Budget Import Exception Report is produced. This will help users to identify and correct (or re-create) the GL account in the company. Once corrected, users can import the budget again (Figure 1).

Please note in the following example that the Excel budget report below has two rows with the same GL and one row with the wrong GL account (the GL account does not exist in the company).

When the Excel file is selected and imported, the process will run as required. Once imported, a budget import exception report will pop up as shown below (Figure 2).

This helps the user to correct the GL accounts in the report or create new GL accounts and re-import the budget without any errors.

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