Quick Tip: Changing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Standard Tables Metadata

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Is there another way to achieve a customer’s requirements without changing Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard table’s metadata? Yes!

Personally, I like to stay away from changing any standard table’s primary key, key, field type and length, why?

  • Upgradability
  • Decreasing risk of introducing bugs

Simple Example:

Recently, I was asked to modify the shipment agent table, as well as add a customer field to the table. The client wanted to be able to filter agent code based on the customer’s field.

Shipment agent tables primary key is code so adding the customer field without modifying primary key wouldn’t have given the client the solution they were looking for, and modifying the primary key has risk.

Proposed solution:

  • Create a new table with agent code and customer code field.
  • Add a new field to sales document table and page with a reference to the new table.
  • Add code on-validate trigger of the new field and modify the standard agent code, based on the new field.

This option created a safer and upgrade friendly environment for our client.

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