Quick tip_Fix _post and print_ issues in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Quick Tip: Fix “Post and Print” Issues in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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What happens when “Post and Print” from a journal in Microsoft Dynamics NAV doesn’t print? This problem occasionally happens when journals are posted in older versions of Dynamics NAV (2009 R2 and prior). The problem, which seems to occur out of the blue without any errors or warnings, is usually caused by filters left on the GL Register report.

The first thing to do is to confirm that the Post and Print function is printing the GL Register report. Do this by reviewing a previously printed report that came from the Post and Print function.  In the top left corner of the report, the title, “Journal Register” with “G/L Register No:” a few lines down, is printed. The report that is missing from the Post and Print function can be printed again by using the GL Register report. Find the Register No. from the History -> Register list.  The GL Register report is found on the Financial Management menu -> General Ledger -> Reports -> Entries.

There are two ways to resolve this issue. The first way is to recompile the GL Register report.  This requires access to the development environment.  Recompiling a report removes all user entered data including filters or data on the Options tab.  This option should be performed by a Dynamics NAV developer as going into the Object Designer with no training can have adverse effects.

The second way is to manually launch the GL Register report and clear all user entered filters on all tabs. In order to clear these user entered filters, the following must be done with the user login that is experiencing this issue.  After printing the missing report, launch the GL Register again, clear all filters on all tabs.  Select preview.  This will cause the report to generate for all register entries.  Hit the ESC key after the first page is displayed on the preview screen.  You do not need to wait for the report to finish generating all pages.  Confirm that all filters are cleared by launching the report again and check all tabs.

You should now be able to perform Post and Print in Dynamics NAV.

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