Quick Tip: Paramount Workplace – How to release a requisition from review session in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Once a requisition is approved in Paramount Workplace for Microsoft Dynamics GP, it moves to the final step, Review. It is then available on the home page of the reviewer.

Sometimes, the reviewer quickly opens the link on their home page, filters requisitions to review, and opens a Review session with multiple requisitions on it. For many reasons, that session remains open without processing a requisition to generate purchase orders. Other reviewers cannot find those locked requisitions on the dashboard. In order for that requisition to be visible on the home page, the reviewer has to release it so other reviewers can review and approve it.

How can you release a requisition from the review session to get back to the dashboard?

  1. Find the review session and requisitions.

Requisition > Transactions > Find Review Session > Click to open the list of requisitions with review session number.

  1. Find the requisition under question and open it. Select the highlighted button below.

  1. Click Process to process the requisition as normal. Once the process is complete, the requisition should be available on the dashboard to create another review session by another reviewer.

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