Quick Tip_Track User Usage in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Quick Tip: Track User Usage in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Over the years I have been asked many times by CRM project sponsors if there is a way to monitor if their employees are utilizing their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and to what extent. User adoption is often one of the main challenges in a CRM implementation, and those investing time and money into the new system want to ensure the investment pays off.

There are different ways to measure user activity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically tracks who has created or modified records and when. Reports, Dashboards and Goals are various tools used to measure user adoption.

A new feature currently in “preview” for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is “Organization Insights”. When activated, it presents a very useful dashboard of Microsoft Dynamics CRM user activity. To activate this feature, you must be working in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (2016 Spring Wave).

Navigate to Settings -> Administration -> System Settings and choose the “Previews” tab.

First, click the “I have read and agree to the license terms” (You have read this, right?).

Select “Yes” in the “Organization Insights Preview” section and click “OK”.

Quick Tip_Track User Usage in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 1

What’s nice about this feature is that it is ready to use almost immediately.

Go to Dashboards and choose the “Organizational Insights” dashboard.

Quick Tip_Track User Usage in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2

From this dashboard you can see such things as:

  • When the system is most active
  • Who is reading the most data
  • Who is changing/updating/creating the most data (how active are your users?)
  • What kind of activity is happening at different times?
  • Total operations
  • What kind of page requests (forms, dashboards, etc.)

The dashboard can also be further configured to capture other key user metrics.

The Organization Insights feature provides a very good method of not only answering the questions of who and how much end users are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM but also in what ways.


Nick Doelman

Manager of CRM Solution Development
BDO Solutions


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