QuickTip: Paramount Dynamics Workplace Email Notification

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Sometimes senior managers, vice presidents or company presidents receive an email to approve a Workplace Requisition. When they review the requisition, it becomes obvious that they shouldn’t have received this email and will likely call in IT support for help with the task.

There is a simple way to solve this notification problem in Microsoft Dynamics using a feature called “Alternative Approval.”

The Alternate Approval functionality allows a user to define an Alternate Approver (AA) who is allowed to approve requisition while the Original Approver (OA) is away. When the OA is approaching a last day, they visit the “User Preferences section and slide the toggle to activate Alternate Approvers (Figure 1). From this moment forward, the Alternate Approver will start receiving the email notifications.

Figure 1


When the OA returns, simply turn off AA (Figure 2). The System Admin can also turn it off using Administration > Approver List and unchecking the Activate Alternates check box. (Figure 3)

Figure 2


Figure 3


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