Relating records using Dynamics CRM 2011 Workflow – no programming required!

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So recently, I had one of those moments … you know … the one where something has been right under your nose for who knows how long…  You get a bit stuck in your ways, and if your way works –  why fix it?

Solid reason to fix it: “just to improve”; and I have seen the light, but enough of the theological rambling – let’s get to the details!

One of my previous views of limitations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflows was as follows:

In workflow, you can create a new record of any entity type, based on the values of the entity that your workflow is driven by. Fantastic – as much data redundancy as anyone could ever ask for!

Relating the newly created record to the one we have to hand? Ahh…that’s plug-in talk…we can do anything you want in a plug-in!

In the Workflow designer, I stumbled across being able to just straight up select the “New Record” from a previous step.

It was one of those Eureka! moments that as soon as you’ve realised how amazing it is, the wave quickly crashes on you when you wonder why you’ve not realised this before?!? SLAP!

Was it in CRM v4? (Haven’t looked yet…please don’t tell me it’s been doable since v1.2)!

Is it a new Updated Feature? (Please be the most recent so I can excuse myself)!

All told, I’m dying to use it again…and to anyone that says “Wow…I didn’t realise it could do that”, I promise to confess that it caught me out too!





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