Reporting on Vendor Payments – Part 1

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Over my years working on the support desk, a number of clients have asked if there’s a way to create a report that lists the vendors and amounts paid for a specific year. This blog post will outline the steps to create a SmartList using eOne’s SmartList Builder product for vendor payment summary. For those that do not have eOne’s SmartList Builder product, stay tuned for my next post that uses Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Report Designer.

Let’s start on the vendor payment summary:  After opening SmartList Builder (Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > SmartList Builder) select/enter the following:

With the table that contains the information for the report, select the PM Vendor Master Period Summary table. This can be selected by clicking on the + sign in the Tables navigation area, then Microsoft Dynamics GP Table. The following is selected in the add table window (Figure 1), once done click Save.


Remove all check-marks in the display column and then select the following fields for both the display and default columns:

  • Vendor ID
  • Year
  • History Type
  • Amount Paid LIFE

To have this report produce summary information, go to Options from the menu (Figure 2) and select Summary. Then click the box in the top left hand corner called Summary SmartList. The window will populate the following:


The History Type and Vendor ID needs to change from Count to Group By. To change the setting, select History Type and then the paper and pencil icon to open the Set Summary Method (Figure 3) window. Now change the Summary Method to Group By from the drop down and then save.



At this point, one more setting needs to change before deploying the SmartList. Based on the current settings, the History Type Field Name on the SmartList will show the list number as either zero or one, representing Calendar or Fiscal. For the end user, this might be a little confusing, therefore, changing the Description to correspond to the list number will make it clear what type of year the amounts represent.

To update the Field Options, click History Type and under the Display Name column, click the Blue Right Arrow (Figure 4). Update the List Number and Name from the below screenshot and then click Save.


The SmartList can now show payments for each vendor by fiscal and calendar year (Figure 5). If needed, one can create a restriction to show fiscal or calendar information.


For more information, please contact your BDO Client Manager or Lisa Gorelow at [email protected]

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