Setting Up SafePay in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The SafePay file is used as a reference by the bank when a cheque is cashed. This process helps reduce fraudulent activity with vendor payments. The bank provides the format required for this file. SafePay in Microsoft Dynamics GP generates a file that the user sends to the bank with all the transactions for a specific time period. The setup is only done once and can be copied to all other entities in the organization.

SafePay matches uploaded records based on chequebook ID and transaction date, number, and type.

Dynamics GP’s SafePay provides protection against counterfeit cheques by using MICR line data, alteration of payee names and alteration of dollar amounts on issued cheques.

SafePay in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Configure the file SafePay Configurator and add the transaction type codes. The user only needs to do this once.

Create a SafePay Upload ID in the SafePay Bank Link Maintenance.

Upload the SafePay transactions via the upload window, which will list all the cheques issued to that particular batch.

This generates a file that the user uploads through the bank’s site.

Note: SafePay must be installed on all workstations that enter or void cheques. Workstations without SafePay installed will not recognize voids.

Steps to Generate and Upload SafePay File

Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP → Tools → Routines → Financial → SafePay → Transactions Upload.

The user selects the Bank Upload ID.

Fill in the details on the SafePay Transactions Upload window:

– The Last Upload Date field will display the date last used

– The Upload Cutoff Date field will display the user date

Next, choose Load/Reload Transactions.

Summary information for the transactions, including number of cheques, total amount of the cheques, number of voids, and total amount of the voids, will appear at the bottom of the window.

To print a report showing transaction data for this upload, choose File → Print.

Confirm the data upload in the confirmation window.

Use the Upload Transactions History window to view information about past transactions uploaded using SafePay.


For more information, see the following Microsoft Support articles on SafePay in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

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