Social is for Superstars – 3 Key Elements of an Effective Social Strategy

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While traditional marketing continues to be the key to building your brand, the way you connect with your customer is becoming more critical than ever. When a customer searches for your brand, they don’t search for what YOU say about your brand – they search for what others are saying. For savvy brands that want to reach customers at the point of influence, social marketing is the new order.

Moreover, social listening plays a critical role in bridging the gap between your digital content and the conversations it generates. According to an Internet Advertising Bureau study, 90% of consumers would recommend a brand to others after interacting with them on Social. Is this reason enough to consider implementing a Social Strategy?

Here are 3 key elements to put into play as your build your Social Strategy:

1. Align social media strategies with business goals

What goals are you trying to achieve as an organization? Who are your customers and what is most important to them? Take into account how social media can help your company achieve its main objectives and then set some goals. Identify the resources necessary to manage your social media program and set guidelines for how employees should engage in social media. Provide training and encourage active social participation that supports the company goals.

2. Measure results

Be transparent with your social programs – share the impact and results of your social strategy. If you are just beginning to dabble with social, start by tracking engagement – the Likes, @ mentions, Retweets and Follow activity. As your social strategy becomes more sophisticated, begin to measure each social action, and relate them to key business goals, such as revenue and customer satisfaction.

Having the right tools in place to monitor conversations around your brand is essential. With social listening technology employees can be more responsive to your customers and prospects. As these social tools become more available, many organizations are beginning to give their employees access directly within their CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for example, now offers social intelligence and social insights to anyone with a professional license.

3. Enable your whole company – go beyond Marketing

Social media is an integral part of your entire organization – from customer support, to marketing and sales. Every customer matters and their experience with your company shape their customer loyalty and whether they will endorse your product or service to their followers. A strong social strategy looks beyond marketing. While marketing is important, a successful social strategy considers the customer lifecycle as a whole.

Think about how marketing, service, HR and sales can work together to meet the needs and expectations of prospects and customers – it’s powerful.

The crux of a successful social strategy is the authenticity behind the connections with customers on social networks. Building trusted relationships with them and ultimately helping them solve problems that lead to lasting business relationships is the primary goal.


For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact BDO Solutions’ CRM Specialists. To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics Social Listening, have a look at the video below entitled Microsoft Social Listening puts you in the conversation.

Note: If you’re having trouble seeing the video below, please follow this direct link to Microsoft Dynamics Social Listening video.




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