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Since 1998, LS Retail has been a global leader in retail solutions and is currently used by over 50,000 stores and operating on 115,000 point of sale (POS) terminals. Over the years, it has been updated and remodeled to address the changing buying habits of customers, the need for seamless integration with new devices, and the increasingly demanding landscape of retail businesses the world over.

Some of the key trends shaping the future of modern retail are multi-channel retailing, the increasingly central role of mobile devices in the shopping experience, the need for analytics to identify customer behavior, and retailers trusting their computing infrastructure to cloud-based providers.

With its global reach, experience and industry expertise, LS Retail, and in particular LS NAV, is helping businesses handle the challenge of managing an increased volume of sales while eliminating the use of multiple IT systems for functions such as traditional and mobile POS, store management , and accounting/inventory management.

Customer Behavior is Changing

Retailers are realizing they must to stay competitive; they need to engage customers earlier in the shopping process. When a customer uses a handheld device to make a purchase or reaches out through social media channels, successful retailers know they must be there to respond, every step of the way. Delivering on all levels like this builds trust and confidence which results in happy, repeat customers.

From price/offer/coupon/campaign management at head office, to back office cash management at store level, to faster checkouts at storefront, and seamless purchases on mobile devices, LS NAV helps retailers achieve an integrated, and ultimately, successful retail operation.

A Complete Retail Business Solution

With LS NAV both back and head offices use the same application, allowing you to track individual transactions from POS through to the General Ledger. This maximizes your control over your business while ensuring consistently accurate data.

LS NAV is built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, which gives users access to other key parts of this Microsoft Dynamics application including Finance, Sales, Marketing, Warehousing and Service. In addition to leveraging Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s ease-of-use, quick implementation and analytics power, LS NAV is also cloud-enabled, meaning you can run the solution on Microsoft Azure in Office 365 and access your data via a browser from anywhere in the world. You can also host the solution in the data center of your choice; on-site or via any third party hosting provider.

Retail Solutions Tailored for You

Retailers must be prepared for the evolving retail world and remain competitive now and into the future. Leveraging retail solutions like LS NAV helps retailers:

  • Gain intelligent business insight
  • Improve merchandising decisions
  • Scale in size and business
  • Achieve single retail solution architecture
  • Accept payments through mobile, in-store POS
  • Have an integrated online store
  • Manage inventory with mobile devices
  • Get closer to their customers with Member Management
  • Ensure accurate replenishment
  • And much more


Download our LS NAV – Simpler, Modern Retail brochure for more information. Or, contact our BDO Solutions Retail team.

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