Adjusting your bank file to accommodate Microsoft Dynamics GP electronic reconcile configuration

SUPPORT DESK CHRONICLES – Adjusting your bank file to accommodate Microsoft Dynamics GP electronic reconcile configuration

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Client Issue Overview

Our client was transitioning into using the internal Microsoft Dynamics GP electronic reconcile functionality. Their main bank account was with RBC. Using the BAI file supported by Dynamics GP, the client reconcile download process was failing with errors. After further investigation, we found that the bank account number on the BAI file from RBC, which combined the transit and bank account number, was incompatible in length to the Dynamics GP configuration. To resolve this issue and download the transactions without error, here is how we helped.

The transit number and the bank number on the BAI file is combined in the second position on the account line. The number of characters is 17.

Chequebook Setup

The chequebook maintenance  window separates the bank account from the transit number. For other institutions we can simply add the transit number to the bank account to correspond to the BAI file. However, for RBC, the number of characters required in the BAI file is 17, whereas the maximum characters in the chequebook maintenance bank account field is 16. This was causing the download to fail. The error message received is below.

The Solution

We opened the Electronic Reconcile Format Configurator, navigated to the Account Identifier (Record Type Code 03), and moved the Account Number field from the 2nd to the 3rd position.

Next, we opened the BAI file in notepad and on the Account Line (03), we separated the transit number from the account number with a comma. This placed the account number in the 3rd position on the text file, which corresponds to the account number on the chequebook. Please note that the BAI file used by the client is comma delimited.

The Results

With The BAI file account number matching the account number in GP, the BAI was able to download without error. This step would have to be completed whenever downloading a new BAI file into GP.

If you’re ready to upgrade your current business management system, or would like to explore how to take advantage of the electronic reconcile functionality in your business process, please contact your BDO Client Manager for more information.


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