Support Desk Chronicles: Using SmartList for Service Calls

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Client Issue

Recently, a customer wanted to view which Key2Act Service Management service calls had been billed (by invoice number) after the service calls had been group billed using the Process Service Invoice function. Currently, there is  no “out of the box” report or SmartList displaying this information.

The Solution

1. To solve this problem for the client, we created a summary SmartList from the service call transactions to provide the required information.

Note: Your system needs SmartList Builder to do this.

To create the new SmartList, follow these steps:

a. Enter a SmartList ID, Name, and Item Name for the new SmartList

b. Select the WennSoft Products from the product dropdown

c. In the right hand section use the + button and add the SV_Jobs_Cost_history table

d. Add the Service Call ID, Call invoice Number, Customer Number, Address Code, Billing amount, WS Extended cost, WS Grouped fields. Note: you can change the display name for the columns at this time

2. Next, using the calculations toolbar button add Calculated Fields (the display name will be Profit Amount).

a. Select Add to create the new “Profit Amount” Calculated Field

b. Use the fields on the right side of the window to build the formula for the newly Calculated Field as follows:


c. Use the Validate button to check the formula before using OK/Save to exit the Calculated Fields windows and return to the SmartList Builder window

Note: You can use the columns toolbar button to arrange the default column order.


3. Next, create a summary SmartList.

a. Go to Options on the SmartList Builder window toolbar and select Summary

b. Select the “Summary SmartList” box in the upper left corner (do not check Multicompany SmartList option)

c. In the right hand section, select the first table. Then double click on each field in the middle section and set the field to “Group By” for string/data fields and “Sum” for currency amount fields

d. In the right hand section, select the Calculated Fields table. Then double click on the Profit Amount field in the middle section and set the field to “Sum” as a currency field

e. Exit using Ok/Save buttons.

4. To utilize Go To functions alongside the SmartList data, use the toolbar button to add them to your SmartList. (These are optional and can be added/removed at any time.)


5. Next, save the new SmartList Builder object and return to SmartList window to review the results.

6. Depending on your user security setup, the new SmartList object may need to be added to some existing security roles and/or security tasks for users to gain access to the new function.

The Result

Updating the client reporting procedures provided a more accurate (and easily digestible) representation of their accounts.

For more information, contact us.


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