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So you have completed your blank-tag physical counting of your warehouse. The folks in the warehouse have completed tags for every item/batch they found… and you have entered those tags into a Tag Counting Journal in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. When you perform a posting simulation, you see that AX creates a counting journal line for every item/batch requiring an inventory adjustment due to a discrepancy between what AX thinks is on-hand versus what the folks actually counted.

Great… so far.

But what about items/batches that AX thinks is on-hand, but that the counting folks did not find in the warehouse – there are no tags entered for those items/batches, so there are no counting journal lines created for the adjustments.

That’s where the “Zero lines” option comes in. The “Zero lines” option will identify items/batches that currently have an on-hand quantity (according to AX) but have had no tags entered for that quantity – and create counting journal lines to perform the necessary adjustments.

Consider this scenario: the illustration below shows the current AX on-hand inventory for Warehouse 13.


A Tag Counting Journal is created with the following tag entries:

Journal lines

In comparing the tags with the on-hand illustration, we can see that the following items/batches have no tags entered (this inventory was not found and should be adjusted out of AX):


If we perform a posting simulation with the “Zero lines option NOT selected:

screen capture

The results of the simulation are:

  • AX creates counting journal lines for net change items/batches only
  • AX does NOT create counting journal lines for items/batches with no tags

If we repeat the posting simulation with the “Zero lines” option selected (note we will also specify Warehouse 13 to limit the results to the counted warehouse):

screen capture 2

The results of the simulation are:

  • AX creates counting journal lines for net change items/batches
  • AX also creates counting journals lines for items/batches with no tags for specified warehouse only

Note that this option does NOT create tags or Tag Counting Journal lines for the zero line items/batches – it only creates additional journal lines in the Counting Journal that is created when the Tag Counting Journal is posted (as well as in the simulation of the posting). So, be sure you select the same options that you used for the simulation when you do the actual posting of the Tag Counting Journal.

In conclusion, you can use the “Zero lines” option on the Tag Counting Journal posting function to automatically create Counting Journal lines for items/batches not found in your warehouse physical count.

Dave is a manufacturing management professional and Microsoft Dynamics AX expert with over 25 years of experience in providing ERP implementation and support services.

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