The Best Budgeting, Planning and Reporting CPM Tools for the Not-For-Profit Industry

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Whether you run a foundation, charity, association or community care agency, BDO recognizes that shifts in financial reporting standards and funding continue to dominate the accounting arena. For this reason, BDO provides the expertise to help identify, deploy and support Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions in the Not For Profit (NFP) industry.

We understand that effective performance management in this sector often go beyond conventional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) reporting, spreadsheet modelling and at times requires a dedicated analytics solution.

At BDO we help our NFP clients respond to their most challenging issues, offering insights and targeted solutions, including financial modeling, reporting and technology innovation aimed to help contain costs and scenario plan for revenue and funding variances.

If your business is struggling to:

  • Provide the board with an accurate 5 year projection; providing confidence in the finance teams forecasts and projections
  • Reduce the time to perform consolidations and month end closes
  • Improve your expense and cash management to plan and fund growth initiatives
  • Get detailed analysis on the Non-Performing Assets (NPA) side of their business
  • Reduce or eliminate the cost of outside consultants by providing the ability to perform the NPA analysis and projections in-house
  • Improve collaboration within the organization by providing other departments with access to information never realized before to make better decisions
  • Empower the Finance department to become a more strategic element for your company and be recognized as a value-add and business partner within the organization

Then you can look to technology to better understand what processes you can automate to help improve decision-making, optimize costs and mitigate risks is a crucial step in setting a foundation for continuous improvement. One method leaders in this sector may consider is assessing the overall health of the business by evaluating its future technological direction with industry leaders.

To learn more about Corporate Performance Management and how BDO Solutions can help your business download our NFP brochure.

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