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The Software Dilemma: Reassess or Replace?

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After more than a decade and half of implementing ERP and Business Solutions for my valued clients, I find myself encountering prospects coming to me in the same situation. They are searching for solutions to their business challenges although, interestingly enough, many already have a great solution like Microsoft Dynamics directly under their noses.

Five to ten years ago, the landscape was changing and businesses were beginning to see the need to invest in their systems. They were looking to “streamline their business processes”, an “integrated solution”, or something to “help them manage their growth”. Well, here we are just as many years later and many of the same business are finding themselves in a similar situation as they were prior to making their investment. Many organizations did not make the leap of change, but instead managed to find a way to revert to their old processes while using a new system; causing them to have similar challenges as before, but getting there with a lot less mouse clicks. Others have made the leap but in their desire to leap further have found other solutions which seemed like a good idea which turned out to be temporary solution to a new business challenge rather than reevaluating their existing solution. After carefully reassessing their needs, it often turns out the issue is not the solution after all but rather poor implementation.

Well, it’s time…

  • It’s time to re-connect with our business and look at how it’s evolved over the last five to ten years. This includes analyzing the buying habits of our customers.
  • It’s time to re-evaluate the current business management solutions and business processes. Ask critical questions… Why do we? Why do we do it that way? Who uses the information? Is there value in it? Is there a better way?
  • It’s time to revisit the enhancements made to the available solutions; if one hasn’t been regularly investing in their systems. Don’t just throw yet another solution into the mix to solve a new problem.
  • It’s time to reassess. More and more, I find I am advising new clients to invest a small amount upfront to reassess their needs and see if they align with their existing solution(s) before throwing out the champagne with the cork. Often, a simple assessment can lead to a simple answer… re-implementing a certain part of their solution; the need for some process reengineering and retraining; implementing enhanced features or simply one additional module, rather than replacing an entire solution.

So what’s next? If this all sounds very familiar and you have a Microsoft Dynamics solution in place, come and reconnect with our team at the 10th Annual BDO Connections Conference, we can help you rethink, reassess and reevaluate.

Watch for my next blog, where I’ll share thoughts on thinking beyond your ERP.






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