The top 10 Tech Issues for the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry

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What are the top 10 tech issues?  Well that depends who you ask and what the perspective of that person or organization is.

  • If you speak with a software company you will hear things like Cloud, Social Media and Mobile because these are the things they are trying to integrate with their software.
  • If you connect with a hardware provider you will hear about the choices between laptops, desktops and tablets, versus mobile devices and how the choice between these different types of devices are changing the face of Technology.
  • If you talk with an organization that works in infrastructure or delivery of cloud solutions it will be all about Speed to Market, Big Data and the Consumerization of IT.
  • Pure consulting organizations will put together top ten lists every year that for the most part are their research on what everyone else says!

This Blog holds my thoughts on the top ten technical issues from my perspective.  I have been working with mid-market organizations to implement technology for 18 years and these are the recurring issues that I have encountered that have made it on to my personal list of Top 10 Tech Issues for 2012.   I define an “issue” as something that will prevent an organization from meeting it goals to align their technology to their overall business strategy.

Gillian’s Top 10! – Remember, these are barriers to technology implementation!

Over the Next few weeks I will explore each of these barriers in some detail.  Stay Tuned.

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