Time Track – Setting up Fixed Assets to Enter Recovery Transactions

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Key2Act’s Time Track module can be integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics Fixed Asset unit to enter recovery transactions for a job. It only works if Job Cost from Key2Act and Fixed Asset from Dynamics GP, are installed.

Here are the setup steps.

In Time Track Setup option, check off “Integrate to Fixed Asset Management”

2. Select Time Track options for each Job cost division.

There are two options.

a) Option 1: Select cost code as default offset (Credit)

b) Option 2: Select GL account as default offset (Credit)

Select one of these options then select/enter associated default cost code or GL offset account.

Note there are two types of fixed asset transaction can be entered in Time Track.

i. Asset-JC: Asset Job cost transactions.

  • Option 1 or 2 can be setup.
  • Debit to selected job and cost code.

ii. FA-GL: Fixed Asset General Ledger transactions.

  • Must select option 1.
  • Debit to GL selected during transactions.

3. Assign the Cost Recovery Rate to assets. (Truck etc.)

This rate is used by Time Track to charge the usage of this Fixed Asset per hour to the job.

4. Assign Fixed Assets to a Job

Use Job Maintenance window >> User-Defined window to assign an asset to a job.

Once these steps are completed, Time Track entry or Group entry window can be used for fixed asset transactions.

If you need more information, connect with your Dynamics GP partner.

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