TOP 10 Links to Learn Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) Faster

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The post will provide 10 options to help users learn Microsoft (MS) Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) faster. The steps discussed in this article are relevant to the Cloud version of the application.

The links in this post can help users:

  • Access free 24/7 online courses available to all BDO clients;
  • Access online or download a PDF guide on how to use the system;
  • Join D365BC communities and participate in discussions with other fellow D365BC users and partners;
  • Get up-to-date information on the new developments in D365BC;
  • Suggest recommendations to improve the MS system;
  • Acquire a general understanding of the product in the family of other MS ERP products;
  • Expand the capabilities of D365BC with getting a new app (extension).


TOP 10 Links to Learn Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) Faster

#1: CustomerSource (D365BC courses)

This provides access to D365BC 24/7 online courses. These courses are free for all clients working with a partner such as BDO Canada LLP. Users can view part of a course to find answers (e.g. how to create a Sales Order) or companies can create learning plans for new employees to use these courses.

#2: D365BC “guide”

This free MS document is about different functions in the system and is available to download in PDF format. It can help solve general (e.g. what does this Field do) and practical (e.g. how to post a sales Invoice) questions.

#3: MS D365BC blog

The MS D365BC official blog provides information from MS specialists on new features in the product and other useful information.

#4: MS D365BC forum

This MS D365BC official forum offers a space to discuss questions with fellow D365BC users and partners.


This forum is one of the most reputable D365BC communities for users and partners. Users and partners can browse through a large database of questions and answers, or post their own questions as well as provide their own expertise for D365BC users.

#6 MS D365BC documentation

This link leads to an official MS website with a collection of useful topics on D365BC, such as accessibility features.

#7 MS “About D365BC”

While this link provides a brief introduction to the product, it can also be useful for those looking for general information and considering whether D365BC can be the right product for them.

#8 Post/vote for D365BC ideas

If you or your company have noticed how D365BC can be improved, you can post your suggestion here. You can also browse through the already available suggestions, and if somebody has already posted such a recommendation, you can up-vote to help prioritize it.

#9 Microsoft AppSource (D365BC Extensions)

If you would like to extend the functionality of your system, beyond the standard (e.g. to be able to issue EFT files in a variety of formats directly from the system), this is a where you can find an app for that. Note: some apps have a monthly subscription fee.

#10 D365BC on CustomerSource

This official MS website can be accessed by the general public and users working with an official MS Partner. In the latter case, the website provides more resources. It is a free resource to all BDO Canada LLP’s clients who have purchased their D365BC license(s) from the company.

Note: While the links above are currently available, they may change. If that happens, you may need to search the Web for a new link to get to one of the destinations above. Alternatively, you can contact BDO Canada LLP support team to inquire about a particular resource (e.g. free D365BC courses), a feature (e.g. how to set up Jobs) and to request on-site or remote training session(s) with BDO D365BC (Cloud and On-premise) specialists.

In summary, we provided several useful links in connection with D365BC (Cloud). In particular, these links connect to D365BC free online courses, official D356BC documentation forums, and other helpful resources. The goal is to help companies learn the product faster so it can be used more efficiently and effectively.

The IT Solutions team at BDO Canada LLP is here to help companies with Additional Reporting Currency and other functions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV. We are happy to listen to your questions and provide your company with the necessary solutions.

For more information, contact us.

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