Top Benefits of upgrading to Management Reporter 2012

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The new Management Reporter 2012 from Microsoft includes more than 30 new features, including all promised features!  You can find videos of these features at the Microsoft CPM blog.

To summarise, some of the benefits of these new features include:

  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Report scheduling which offers you the ability to automate the publishing of your financial reports.  Report schedules are simple to setup and require little maintenance. You can schedule a report daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • The ability to publish reports to multiple Microsoft SharePoint or network locations.
  • E-mailing links to report from the Report Viewer.
  • Quick creation of charts based upon selected report rows and columns.
  • Drilling down from account and budget balances on a report to related information in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP. You can open voucher transaction screens on a transaction. For example, you can view detail inquiry screens on an account level and drill down all the way back to the source document.
  • Toggling the accounts display to optionally include/not include the dimension descriptions by user. This allows users to view information they need to make informed decision. In Management Reporter you can include the dimension codes descriptions for a line in a report so users will be able to determine exactly where the number is coming from. This has been the most requested feature in MR2012.

A Management Reporter migration tool that converts your Microsoft FRx 6.7 configuration to Management Reporter is also available. A built-in validation process which evaluates each building block to ensure it meets all the necessary formatting requirements in Management Reporter facilitates ease of migration.

For more information, please contact your BDO client manager.

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