Top ten barriers to implementing new technology − Issue 5: Continuous improvements

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This blog focuses on the top ten barriers to implementing new technology. So far, we have covered picking a solution, hardware investment, getting good help and taking ownership. Number five is about continuous improvement.     

It is not uncommon for projects to go on longer than anyone anticipated. Why is this?  It often becomes difficult to agree to a live roll-out because there are small pieces of an overall solution that are missing. These pieces did not seem that important during initial planning, but for whatever reason they have become barriers to go live. This leads to scope creep. The addition of small items during the project causes it to go on and on and costs continually increase.  

Alternatively, you may want to consider if the item is not actually mission critical. If it is, perhaps it could be handled a different way for a short time, say manually or with reporting. Develop a plan to deliver these additional pieces after the solution goes live.    

Keep the items on a master list called “continuous improvements”. As soon as you get your solution live, start working through the list. This will deliver the following benefits:

  • After your system goes live, you will start to reap the benefits of your investment rather then allowing the project to go on
  • Accomplishing one step at a time after going live allows you to give proper focus to the item and get it done right; this is preferable over trying to get them taken care of as part of the overall project where they might not get the attention they deserve 
  • If you add new items after you are trained and you know the system well, you may not need to use consultants to get these items done and this will reduce your costs

The fact of the matter is that all companies experience change. You will have to make changes after the solution goes live because the business will change. A continuous improvement approach is good for you and your business

Overall, new items tend to appear during the process of any project. How you handle these will help you keep on time and budget and prevent budget overruns. Consider a continuous improvement approach. You will need to make changes to your solution after you go live anyway in order to handle business changes; why not start during the project?

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