Troubleshooting When a Job is Absent from the Open Closed Job List in Wennsoft

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When the system closes a Job in WennSoft Job Cost within Microsoft Dynamics GP, and doesn’t capture the Closing Date it may prevent future transactions from occurring. In this case, the Job that needs to be reopened does not appear in the ‘Open Closed Job’ list under Routines. What next?

Check for the date that the Job was closed by using either a SmartList or by opening the Job History window under Inquiry. If it returns a value of ‘01/01/1900’ contact your system administrator to change the date to a valid one.

Follow these general steps in a Test environment first.

Step 1: Write a script to modify the closing date field in table JC30001 to a valid date for the selected Job.

Step 2: Take a SQL backup and run that script in a Test Company.

Step 3: Open the Job History window and ensure the Close Date field has updated.

Step 4: Make sure that the Job Cost Fiscal period is open in the Test Company.

Step 5: Ensure the Job appears in the Open Closed Jobs window in the Test Company.

Step 6: If both windows were successfully updated, follow the same steps in the Live Company.

If you require additional assistance feel free to contact one of your BDO Solutions experts via You can also visit to get more information about Solutions provided by BDO. This particular article relates to environments using Microsoft Dynamics GP (GP2010) and WennSoft Job Cost (11.00b02g054a or higher).

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