Two Great New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2

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1. Argh… Someone Changed my SmartList Favourite!

How frustrating is it when you take the time to create a SmartList favourite that has exactly the information you are looking for, correct headers and search parameters, only to find that someone has made changes to it?

A new feature in SmartLists, for Microsoft Dynamics GP, allows you to password protect a Favourite.

To enable this feature you will need to add a password to the newly added field on the SmartList Options window.

Administration > SmartList Options (Figure 1)

Figure 1


Once you enable this feature, a Password dialog box will appear when Modify is selected (Figure 2)

Figure 2


If you enter the incorrect password, the following message will appear (Figure 3).

Figure 3


2. Who is in my Batch?

Have you ever tried to post a batch only to get the following message (Figure 4)?

Figure 4


For those of you in organizations with a number of users, this is frustrating and time consuming.

In Dynamics GP 2016 R2, this message now includes the User who is using the batch (Figure 5). Now there is no need to run around trying to figure out who has the batch open.

Figure 5


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