Unapplying Credit Documents when voiding a cheque in Microsoft Dynamics GP2013

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Have you ever struggled with voiding a credit note once it has been applied to a cheque? Many of you Microsoft Dynamics GP users will know exactly what I am referring to.

 In previous releases of GP this has always been a challenge.  When you void a cheque, the invoice would go back to open status but the credit note would unfortunately stay in the history status. Next you would void the credit note however it would be voided from the system.  Which meant you would be forced to manually rekey the credit note transaction back into the system so you could apply it to the appropriate invoice.

Well let me share some exciting news with you. In GP2013 it will automatically unapply a credit document from an invoice after you void the payment that was associated with the same invoices.  



Take a look at PMT #20099 in the amount of $7,168.05 it was applied to invoice #007, #010 and credit note #123. You can see all documents are in history.

Now let’s void this cheque and see what happens using the Void Historical window.


Now let’s go back into the Payables Transaction Inquiry Window and take a look at A Travel Company.


Notice invoice #007, #010 and credit note #123 are back in open status.  This is a fabulous fix with GP2013. It sure has saved me a lot of time and effort.

So now the ability to void the invoice without having to void the credit document is finally possible.

If you’re ready to upgrade your current business management system, what better time than now to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013!

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